Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ag Conference 2012 - Sept. 20 & 21

The conference theme is Leveraging Partnerships for Profit.

Thursday September 20, 2012

Trade Show –both days
Equipment, Supplies, Services and One-on-One Consulting for Agricultural Professionals
Keynote Presentations
Global Trends, National Examples
Collaborative Consumption and the Changing Face of IndustryLauren Anderson, Innovation Director, Collaborative Lab, Sydney Australia
Prospects for Collaboration: New Solutions for Resource ManagementSara Stokes Alexander, Director of Environment Practice, The Keystone Center, Colorado
Plenary Session
Bringing it Home: How Collaborative Consumption might work in Hawaii Leading agricultural producer’s chat with invited guests about new possibilities for Hawaii agriculture.
Larry Jefts, Owner Sugarland Farms
Susan Matsushima, CEO Alluvion Inc., a nursery producing potted plants and flowers

All Hawaii Products Awards Luncheon
Join us in honoring Dr. Donna Ching, CTAHR Extension Specialist with the “Monty” Richards Leadership Award for her 25 years of service to the agricultural sector.
Afternoon Concurrent Sessions

Track 1Profitable Partnerships: Hawaii Success StoriesCase Study – Kekaha Ag Association, Speed Dating and Matchmaking
Track 2Social Skills for Successful CollaborationCollaborative Leadership, Partnerships in Politics, Effective Communication
Track 3Cool Tools for CollaborationReality Show Consulting, Tech Tool and Apps, 21st Century Fundraising
A Pau Hana Reception – Everyone’s Party! And a Teach-In: backyard chickens, worm composting, fruit tree grafting, simple aquaponics, fruit preserves, roof top gardens, youth presentations, farmer / chef food demos and tastings.

Friday September 21, 2012

Keynote Presentation

Food Commons: Land, Finance and Infrastructure: localized options for our food system

Lawrence Yee
, Co-founder and Coordinating Director for the Food Commons
Plenary Session

Just the Facts Ma’am! Current State of Hawaii Agriculture

Facts, maps, industry updates -what you need to know and how can WE do it all!
Networking Picnic Lunch
Afternoon Concurrent Sessions

Track 1Resource Sciences and Community ConnectionsLand and Water, Workforce Development, Metrics for Profitability
WorkshopCooperatives: user-owner, user-controlled, and user-benefited – how to plan, launch and run a profitable cooperative – Melanie Bondera, Laulima Center
Workshop Food Futures. Hawaii Food Policy Council takes a seriously fun look at the future of our food. What role can policy play to influence our food system?
Have you ever wondered what the future holds? Dare to wonder what the futures hold? At this year’s Ag Conference, the Hawaii Food Policy Council teams up with the Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies to develop Alternative Futures of Hawai`i’s Food System. Eat up these immersive tours of the futures set in year 2055 at your own pleasure...and risk.

What is Alternative Futures and why use it to think about food systems?

Alternative Futures is a creative approach to long-term organizational planning - an approach that places a premium on creating multiple scenarios that reflect the range of possibilities and potentials that any future may contain. Futures does not judge one alternative future to be greater than another but rather allows all potentialities their equal right to be...and to be experienced.

Alternative Futures of Hawai`i’s Food System participants engage with simulated worlds in very tangible ways (sight, sound, feel, smell, and taste) so that windows and doorways are available to step through and inhabit the possibilities of 2055. Images of the future help participants experience how things can and might be, creating literal spaces for every individual to form their own positive and negative impressions about the various worlds presented. From the positive and negative impressions, participants gain insight, participants begin to imagine a preferred future, a future that leverages the insight gained from experience to build a better world.

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