Friday, May 25, 2012

Organic Tomato Field Day

Organic Tomato Production overview by Jensen Uyeda and Dr. Ted Radovich of CTAHR Sustainable and Organic Agriculture Program
Organic pest management program by Dr. Koon Hui Wang, CTAHR Sustainable Pest Management Specialist
Overview of the 3 tomato viruses by Dr. Mike Melzer, CTAHR Virologist

Dr. Koon Hui Wang inspects the sun help flowers for beneficial insects
Crotalaria or Sun Hemp were used to determine the effect of cover crops aid in organic pest management 
Jari Sugano, Dr. Stuart Nakamoto and Kelvin Sewake cover fruit fly suppression and how risk management tools such as crop insurance can be used to help growers maintain income levels when new pest and diseases causes drops in yields and profits. 

Thank you to all of LIFE's program partners for a great field day event in Waialua, Oahu. Special thank you to Poamoho Farms for allowing us to hold the field trial and event at their farm. Growers were able to see the horticultural characteristics of the plants, taste promising tomato varieties and take home some fruit for evaluation. 

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