Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Farm Doctor ID

Waipahu, Oahu
May 23, 2012 

Nutritional issues improving 
Life as a kalo keiki 
LIFE was asked to check on the mite situation. LIFE consulted Dick Tsuda, CTAHR Entomologist who confirmed the presence of 4 Tetranychus mite species. Tetranychus mites may be found on taro. Tetranychus cinnabarinus (carmine spider mite), T. neocalidonicus (vegetable mite), T. tumidus (tumid spider mite), and T. urticae (two spotted spider mite) were detected. According to Tsuda, "these mites are considered very similar and difficult to separate because of overlapping coloration." 
Mite symptoms on underside of leaves 
The apple snail continues to be a major economic pests for wetland taro operations. As water temperatures warm up, the apple snail will continue threaten to Hawaii's taro industry. 

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