Saturday, October 29, 2011

PIctures of LIFE

Fish Spawning Workshop with Drs. Clyde Tamaru and Kai Fox (LIFE partners with CTAHR Aquaponic and Aquaculture Program)
Spreading the fertilized eggs
 Papaya Black Spot Field Day: Multi Agency Field Day
Addressing Ag theft/Vandalishm with presentation by Hawaii County Police
Show and Tell trials: Importance of Surfactant as part of BMP
Hands -on Teaching Approach: Spreader / Sticker demonstration workshop 

 Team Ti Leaf: Farm Doctor at Kahaluu Farm (LIFE partners with CTAHR IR-4 program & Spray Coverage Program for assistance with application, registration and spray coverage issues)
 Dole Pineapple Packing Plant
 Waialua Coffee
 Hydroponic via Bucket Culture
 Organic Insecticide Spray Demonstration
 Oahu RC&D Field Day Presentations (Dr .Clyde Tamaru of CTAHr Aquaponic/Aquaculture Program in background)
Adoption of fruit fly program: Pumpkin Success
Yellow trap modifications: Spray sites for GF-120 when growers can not implement trap crop system
Classic TYLCV symptoms
Field evaluations of TYLCV and TSW resistant varieties
Detection of new virus: Pepper Mottle Virus
 Tomato Field Days in collaboration with Dr. Mike Melzer, CTAHR virologist, Dr. Ted Radovich & Jensen Uyeda of CTAHR Sustainable and Organic Agriculture Program
Hands-on Aquaponic Field Day with construction by Dr. Clyde Tamaru, Dr. Kai Fox and Jensen Uyeda
Farm Doctor:  Detection of White Peach Scale on Oahu
 Rooting Papaya side shoots in aquaponic ebb and flow system
 USDA Immigrant Farmer Workshop in collaboration with Jason Shitanishi of USDA FSA
 Farm Doctor: Detection and Solutions to managing Pythium in Aquaponic systems
Lady bug release in field trial to manage aphid populations organically
New Market Potential: Tea Leaf work starts on Oahu
State Capitol Presentation: Market Study with LIFE partner Dr. Stuart Nakamoto,  Randy Hamasaki, and Didi Diaz-Lyke
Launching a New Market: Hawaii Grown Tea/Blueberries
 New Market Initiative: Mushroom Culture
Lettuce Grown for Seeds
 Farm Doctor: Mite problem on Taro
Farm Doctor: New Thrip on Papaya
CBB Workshop at the Pahala Community Center with LIFE collaborator Dr. Elsie Burbano 
 Teaming up with Didi Diaz-Lyke of Risk Management Hawaii to conduct Risk Management and Crop Insurance Education
Marketing Workshops in Kau with Matthew Loke of HDOA

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