Saturday, October 29, 2011

LIFE Starts Here

Cover crop workshops to manage organic matter, soil nutrition and nematodes (LIFE partner, Dr. Koon Hui Wang, professor of Sustainable Pest Management Program)
 Diversification: Popular Hydroponic /Aquaponic Workshops
 Assessing Fruit Quality Issues
 Minimizing harvest issues to improve fruit quality issues
Food safety and worker hygine field day (Jim Hollyer-LIFE partner with CTAHR Food Safety Program)
LFE specialized in the Farm Doctor and hands on demonstration teaching methods

 Insecticide resistance workshop with Syngenta
Brix level hands on demonstration
West Coast Papaya Assessment 
Farm Doctor: Leafhopper damage

Twig Borer field demonstration: Kau Style
Emergency workshop: Coffee Berry Borer invades Kau
Multi-Agency workshop in Kahuku ag park
Compost tea trials with LIFE cooperator farm produced compost (Dr. Ted Radovich, LIFE program partner.  CTAHR Sustainable and Organic Agriculture program)

New market opportunity: Hydroponically grown watercress
WPS Workshops with HDOA
Growers convert to mist blower spray units to obtain better coverage
 Papaya Orchard Gun Spraying
Farm Employee: PPE Pesticide Safety Program
Founder Dr. Sabina Swift helps award winning coffee farmer/roaster Lorie Obra harvest her Kau Coffee

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