Monday, December 17, 2012

12/14/12 Ag Pro Training Field Day

Coffee Berry Borer (CBB) is a new pest that threatens to devastate the coffee industry in Hawaii. CTAHR is at the forefront of education and control efforts. Only a few of the persons affiliated with CTAHR actually deal with CBB, yet the general public typically may assume that all employees are familiar with the pest and what might be done to control it. As major contact points and information sources, it is important for faculty and staff to keep abreast of developments, especially of the magnitude of this pest.

This event allowed CTAHR faculty and staff to learn first hand about CBB and its management from one of the industry leaders. Attendees also got a great overview of various value-adding activities being tried by the operation, including different methods of processing and a new product based on what was once a byproduct of the milling process.

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