Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dasheen (Taro) leaves (leaf production only) Growers, UH Agents, Retailers: Need your assistance soon as possible

Provado 1.6F 24C is set to expire September 11, 2012.  Bayer CropScience needs to receive grower or industry support letter/s to maintain the 24C with HDOA before the expiration date.  Support will allow the 24C conversion from the Provado 1.6 formulation to the Admire Pro formulation with the 5x treatments per year.  Provado 1.6 is no longer available.
Advantage with the 24C:
·         With an Admire Pro 24C:  Allows 5 application per crop vs 3 applications with the container label
o    Note:  Provado 1.6 inventories needs to be used under the existing Provado 24C.  After Sept 11, 2012, Provado1.6F on taro/leaf production will not be allowed.
What is needed if growers wish to maintain the 24C?: 
·         A brief support letter addressed and emailed to Danyel Ward – Registrations, Bayer CropScience,;  cc
o    Brief description on Dasheen (Taro) leaf production to control aphids requires the 5 treatments per crop season
The Admire Pro new label does have Dasheen (Taro) leaves with 3 applications per crop season.
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Provado 1.6F 24C Special Local Need:  Expires Sept 11, 2012
NOTE:  Do not apply more than a total of 18.75 fl.oz. of Provado 1.6F per year as foliar sprays.
This is 5 treatments as 3.75 fl.oz. per year allowed.

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