Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Culinary Masterpieces

Blueberries grown by LIFE team members as part of a research project at the CTAHR Volcano station were recently featured at a welcoming reception for Chancellor Tom Apple and Dean Maria Gallo to meet CTAHR stakeholders.

Chef Grant Sato & his team of the Culinary Institue of the Pacific at KCC created the Big Island Blueberry Float described as  haupia cubes, Waianae mango “jello,” Big Island blueberries, Kalihi backyard calamansi syrup, and Shinsato Farms jaboticabba syrup, topped with a macadamia nut honey whipped cream.

Attendees said, "Chef Sato and team did an awesome job with the produce they had!  It was like dining at one of Hawaii's finest restaurants, and everything was delicious.  The blueberry dessert was a favorite..."

 "Everyone raved about the blueberries!" and "It was very tasty, I can verify!"

Photo credit:  Robyn Chow-hoy

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