Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Crop-Diversification: Blueberry Field Day

Field testing of blueberry varieties at Volcano and Waimea by the CTAHR High Vaccinium Project
Blueberry flowers 
Screening of fruit based on a variety of established quality measures
Technology Transfer: Blueberry Field Day
Dr. Stuart Nakamoto, CTAHR Extension Economist talks about the various risk areas in Hawaii agriculture and provides information about various crop insurance and risk management strategies
Program leaders: Andrew Kawabata, Dr. Stuart Nakamoto and Randy Hamasaki educate growers about the blueberry greenhouse trials 
Dr. Stuart Nakamoto explains the results of the greenhouse pot test 
Extension agent Randy Hamasaki explains to growers the differences between blueberry varieties 
Interested growers and participants are able to see first hand the different blueberry varieties and their unique horticultural characteristics
Taste testing opportunities were provided
The highlights of the workshop (based of workshop evaluations) were the open air and hands-on opportunities to pick and taste the different blueberry varieties.


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